About us

Feel at home, wherever you are. We are happy to welcome you and offer you 100% made in Italy comfort.

Our welcome

Your needs are our priority, we know how to listen to them. If you are a business traveler, among our solutions, you will find environments that will allow you to work in a serene and dynamic way. If instead, we meet you while traveling for pleasure, we will ensure that your relaxation comes first above all else.

Our philosophy

We want to create a more liberated way of inhabiting the city: multisensory, refined, comfortable, but always attentive to the environment that surrounds us.

For us, you are not just a guest, but an integral part of the city, regardless of the reason or duration of your stay.

Our spaces

We are lovers of beauty, art, and culture; that’s why our project involves solutions that preserve and enhance the properties, expressing the full soul of the buildings and neighborhoods in which they are located.


a window to the world.

Milan is one of the European cities changing most rapidly. You might find it different every time you return. Innovative and fond of traditions, technological and refined, frenetic and bohemian: its contradictions are not just an added value, they are the soul of the city.

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